Our project began earlier in the year with our hiring of a different contractor to build our pool, deck and driveway. After having numerous issues with that contractor, we received a letter stating that he went out of business and would not be able to complete our project. Ryan Marsh and his team were already on our project site building our pool for the other contractor. I spoke with Ryan about our situation and the fact that we could not leave the pool in the state that it was in. Ryan understood our bind, and with his guidance, he helped us get the pool project back on track and finished within the original budget.

Impressed with his professionalism and experience, I asked him to oversee the rest of our project: deck, pergola, sidewalk, driveway, and column posts. Ryan agreed, providing me with his credentials (unsolicited) and patiently working with us to transfer our bank loan from the original contractor to him. Once complete, Ryan stayed on task and on budget finishing the project exactly to my stringent specifications.

What my wife and I didn’t realize at the time was even though the original contractor walked out on us, it was the best thing that could have happened. During the completion of the project under Ryan’s guidance, Ryan provide many more options regarding pool finishing, pool equipment, sidewalk stone, concrete finishing techniques, etc that the original contractor never provided. We upgraded our pool’s finish from plaster to pebble tec, installed a new retaining wall and capped it with flag stone, installed better drainage, upgraded our pool equipment, and installed high-quality low-voltage lighting. All of this we would NOT have received with the original contractor. The end product is fantastic, and I finally feel we have a completed home.

The only concern I have about Ryan is Ryan’s drive for perfection: while applauded and even sought after, it can be a little overzealous. A few times I would catch Ryan working on our pool making micro-adjustments for better flow or trying to get our new pool cleaner to be more efficient. While the end product is nothing short of perfection, I did catch myself saying, “You really don’t need to do that…” a few times. :)

During the project’s construction, I learned more about Ryan and his history. He is originally from Washington state and comes from a family of concrete specialists. He spent a considerable part of his career in Arizona building pools under a master pool builder. After coming to Texas, Ryan was immediate appalled at the poor quality of pool construction from local builders and the lack of codes that Texas has regarding pool building/concrete work. I found out that while he was not required to follow any of these rules on my project, he applied them anyway — things like minimums depths for concrete pads for deck posts, required minimum steel, etc. All in all, I trust Ryan and would definitely have him work on my home again.

- Knute Lingaard

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